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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

Monthly Archives: August 2011

Landry | Stedman Hope Mills Fayetteville Newborn Baby Photographer

I always say, its those little ones that make me want another baby.  My own little guy was 4 lbs 7 oz when he finally got to come home from the hospital, so when clients bring me those little preemies, at around 5 lbs or so, they make me reminisce back to the days when I sat and held my sweet Aidan for hours.  I never want to send the little ones home…they are the ones I want to keep.  Landry was no different–she was the perfect angel, so gorgeous, and such a lucky, lucky girl to have parents who adore her so much!

Joshua | Raeford Hope Mills Fayetteville NC Newborn Baby Photographer

I couldn’t have been happier with baby Joshua’s session–he was absolutely gorgeous and such a good sleeper and poser.  He’s perfect in every way!

My Boy’s Growing Up | Fayetteville NC Children Photographer

Wow my poor blog has been neglected my entire pregnancy–but I know the problem, I’m overworking myself.  But as a kickoff to update more often, and blog some of my unblogged sessions, I will start with a personal post–my boy started school.  Its hard to believe that just 4 years ago, I was holding my tiny one pound boy in my hands imagining the young man he would become.

Then today, I woke him up, brushed his teeth and hair.  We dressed in his brand new school uniform (which is a little big on him, little guy is so small it was really hard to find uniforms in his size) and grabbed his brand new book bag and lunch box that he picked out himself.  He didn’t even mind it was something different for him, but I lost it.  I cried like a baby as I said “Have a good first day at school,” and he just zoomed off to find a friend to eat breakfast with.  I wiped tears away my entire ride to work, just thinking about how its going to be a long 14 years for him, getting up and getting ready for school every day.  I feel like he grew up right before my eyes.

Fifty Two on Friday : Funny | Fayetteville NC Children Photographer

This year, I’ve joined 19 other fantastic photographers to do a year long journey–the Fifty Two on Friday.  You can see last week’s post here.

This week, the theme is funny.  I love this photo of Aidan–it is one to show his future girlfriends.  I love this boy.

Now head over to  Gina Maxine Oh | San Luis Obispo, CA Photographer to see her take on bright colors!