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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

Monthly Archives: March 2011

Aidanisms, March 2011 | Fayetteville NC Children Photographer

There is nothing on Earth that makes me happier than seeing my little boy happy.  So when I stumbled upon the most awesome find today at the Hugs & Kisses Consignment Sale of a car that matched his mommy’s, I had to buy it.  All day long I couldn’t wait to get home to show it to him.  We pulled it around for him to see and he burst into a fit of excited giggles.  Those giggles are worth every single penny I could ever find.  He was the most excited little boy on Earth today.

So today, 10 things that make my Aidan, my Aidan.  My special sweet precious baby big boy.

10.  “My back is killing me!”
9.  “Are you going to buy me a toy at your work today?”  (he’s convinced I work at Toys R Us ha!)
8.  At Waffle House, he hands over the ticket for the meal and his collectible Thomas the Train Card.  “I’m paying for this, here’s my card.”
7.  Again at Waffle House, I order his hasbrowns scattered and covered.  “No don’t put covers over them, just put some cheese on it.”
6. ” The horn on this car works!  I can’t honk it at everyone just like mommy does!”
5.  “These underwear are too little.  They squeeze my pee pee.”
4.  “Look!  The moon is out at the daytime!  That’s funny!  Its not supposed to be out in the daytime, its supposed to come out at night!  He’s silly!”
3.  While talking to the policeman at the park, he sees clothes hanging in the back.  “Look, he’s got shirts that he picked up from MaMa Joyce’s house in there!”  You can tell I don’t iron.
2.  “When I get to be 6, I can do that.”  (He thinks 6 is the magic freeing number that allows you to do all, reach all, and ride all.)
1.  “Mommy, I wub you.”  (Still loving that Elmer Fudd speech impediment)

Fifty Two on Friday | Alone Fayetteville NC Children Photographer

This year, I’ve joined 19 other fantastic photographers to do a year long journey–the Fifty Two on Friday.  You can see last week’s post here.

Wow I struggled a lot with this week’s theme of Alone.  I had no creative juices flowing through my puny brain this week!  So I chose to do a blog post on my little guy, since for right now he’s alone.  Poor guy never has anyone to play with so I am excited that he won’t be an only child for much longer.  Gone will be the days when I am his best friend, I have to play trains and playdoh and paint…and I will welcome the days when he has a sibling that he can play with.  I just wish there wasn’t such a large age gap between him and his new sibling.  So my sweet little boy, you are not going to be alone anymore…

Now head on over to Shannon Harrison | Jack and Ruby Studios | Temecula Photographer to see her take on this week’s theme!

Blake | Stedman Fayetteville NC Spring Lake NC Newborn Baby Photographer

Baby Blake was soooo sweet and itty bitty!  The little ones are always the fiesty ones, but we were still able to get some precious shots of him.  Its been a while since I did a blog sneak peek, but mom and dad were just too excited to wait.  Thank you so much for coming by!

Happy Birthday, My Beautiful Sweet Baby Boy | Fayetteville NC Newborn Baby Children Photographer

On September 18, 2006 I received the news that I would be a mommy.  This is a moment I had dreamed of since I was a child carrying around my dolls (which I played with a little later than most girls I’m sure).  It was all I ever wanted–to hold a sweet newborn baby in my arms.  I have loved babies from the beginning, and even photographed my collection of Lee Middleton Dolls as a child.  I wanted nothing more in life than to be a mommy.

Then on March 7, 2007 at 2:00am, I had horrible pains in my upper abdomen.  We went to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.  My blood pressure was insane (I believe it was around 300/200-ish, I always forget the exact number).  They told me that they had to take the baby, or I wasn’t going to live.  What was the outlook for the baby?  The doctor said he would have a “pretty good chance” at survival.  Its scary to be 26 weeks pregnant, rushing down the hall on a stretcher with papers tossed in your lap to sign regarding the emergency c-section you are about to have, on a little baby you have dreamed your whole life of holding.  You know that moment when they hold up your new baby and say “Its a boy!”, then hand you a slippery baby fresh from the womb for that magical bonding experience?  I had watched every baby show during my pregnancy just dreaming of that moment–and it was about to be taken from me.  I knew there would be no handing over my little boy.  I knew I wouldn’t hear that sweet first cry or have that bonding experience–but I had faith that he would make it.  During the c-section, things slowed down when it was discovered I had very little amniotic fluid, which made the birth take a little longer than usual.  I heard no cry, only the sound of the NICU team and doctors asking for help.  Then the sound of them rushing my baby out of the room.  I didn’t see him, I didn’t get to bond.  I awoke in recovery with the news that he was smaller than they had anticipated–one pound, 10.5 ounces to be exact.  He was strong though, so they said his odds of living were good–but they warned it was going to be a long road ahead.

I was on magnesium for days following his birth in the attempt to level out my blood pressure.  I was not allowed to get out of bed, which didn’t bother me.  I know it sounds horrible, but I didn’t want to see Aidan.  I didn’t think he’d live, and I didn’t want to form that magical bond with someone who was going to be taken away from me.  My husband thought he was the greatest baby ever born and didn’t even acknowledge that he may not make it.  I wish I could have been that strong.  I got to see him for the first time when he was 2 or 3 days old.  My mom did snap a picture for me on her cell phone to show me…

Proud daddy…

But Aidan is a strong soul.  He stayed in the NICU for 63 days.  He came home at a gestational age of only 33 weeks–that’s something!  He weighed 4 pounds, 7 ounces.  He was such a fighter.

His first birthday came and went.  He is still so tiny, but those huckleberry blue eyes are so full of spirit.

The terrible twos, they flew by.  He was never terrible, just has a slight stubborn streak.

Threes were a blur!

Now my baby boy is 4 years old.  I may not have bonded those first few days, but I have made up for it over time.  My entire world revolves around this beautiful boy.  He’s so full of personality, and makes me laugh every day.  I can’t help but smile every time I look at him and wonder what I ever did in my life to deserve such a sweet boy.  He is destined for greatness–he was put on this earth with this strong will to live for a reason.  I can’t wait to see the man he becomes, but I hope he slows down and enjoys the ride.  I can’t believe that he is 4.  He’s not my baby, or even my little toddler anymore.  He’s now my preschooler, and that’s hard for me to accept.  I want him to be my baby forever.

Zaiden | Fayetteville NC Newborn Baby Photographer

I am playing blog catch up all week!  Meet baby Zaiden, one of January’s sweet newborns.  January was a good baby month for me, all of January’s baby were calm and peaceful and oh so beautiful.  I hope that March babies are as good this month!