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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

Monthly Archives: August 2010

Kaleb | Fayetteville Stedman Autryville NC Infant Children Photographer

I am blessed with an armload of nephews, all of them so very handsome.  I really want someone to have me a girl, but who could complain with all these beautiful boys running around?  Kaleb is the youngest of my nephews, and to me he looks like a mixture of my son and his cousin swirled into one perfect little boy.  I could just eat him up!

Josiah | Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Family Photographer

Little Josiah was so sweet!  And I love his hair and his adorable tan lines–it just couldn’t get any sweeter than this.  Thank you to the G family!

Piper | Fayetteville Stedman Hope Mills NC Newborn Photography

Oh baby Piper is so cute and dainty–just like her big sister!  I’ve been anxiously awaiting this one’s arrival for a while!

Kasten | Fayetteville Stedman Hope Mills NC Newborn Photography

Baby Kasten is brand new–3 days new.  This mom has my heart–she booked me before Miss Kasten was born, then came by 3 days after her birth.  Let me tell you, the difference between a 3 day old baby and a 14 day old baby is like night and day.  Kasten is the youngest newborn I have ever photographed, and she was just as sleepy and easy as pie.  Her sweet tininess and daintiness was captured in these first few days of life, and I couldn’t have had a better time doing it.  Congratulations to the W family on the birth of your little princess!

beautiful newborn hanging in a stork nest

Marcus | Fayettevile Stedman NC Infant Childrens Photography

Meet baby Marcus, and he is such a sweet little guy!

Guiliana | Stedman Fayetteville NC Newborn Photographer

Baby Guiliana gave me a run for my money – but isn’t she so beautiful!  I have known her mommy since her mommy was young…and boy does that make me feel old.  Congratulations C and D on your beautiful new baby girl!