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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

Monthly Archives: January 2010

Snow Day Part 2 | Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Family Photography

A little bit of winterness brought in a dusting of snowfall last night to cover our layers of ice.  It really is beautiful outside though.  Aidan had another fun day of redneck sledding (ie-sledding on a cookie sheet sprayed with Pam), throwing iceballs at me, and attempting to ride his four-wheeler on the ice.  The best news–I’m off work tomorrow too.

Snow Day | Fayetteville Stedman NC Newborn Children Photography

All appointments canceled this weekend due to the weather.  But that didn’t mean I had to leave my camera indoors.  Aidan has enjoyed the snow ice today, going sledding, throwing ice balls, and playing with “pick pickles” (icicles).  I don’t know what posessed me to put this outlandish GAP hat on my child, probably the fact that itw as the thickest winter hat we had, but oh well.  I know in 20 years I’m going to say “isn’t he adorable, look at that crazy hat” but its the moments that count right?  I hope everyone had a safe break from the un-normally high temps we’ve had lately!

The W Family | Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Family Photography

Little J is 3 months old, and so SO sweet–and pushing up GREAT!  This is my favorite way to photograph this age!

Libby is Almost Here | Fayetteville Stedman NC Maternity Photography

Little L is going to make a great big brother to this new baby girl, and mom is just glowing and beautiful!

Mr. Serious | Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Photography

Little J is the most serious baby I’ve had to date, but we broke his serious side away yesterday and got some great smiles out of this gorgeous boy!  I just love working with him and his family!

Dirty | Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Photography

Today was the first day that Aidan got dirty.  I know, he’s almost 3 and I’m an anal mommy.  But it was a beautiful day today, in the 70’s (someone needs to tell the weather man its JANUARY for heaven’s sake!) and I had the day off, so we spent some time at the park.  After yesterday’s downpour it was YUCKY muddy, and Aidan kept “accidently” falling into the mud.  I think he secretly likes it.  Boys.

So today’s 10 Aidan Facts–park style.

10.  It doesn’t matter how boyish I dress him, people call him a girl.  NO ONE has ever called him a boy the first time around.  His hair is not that long people.  Everyone always says “he’s too pretty to be a boy.”  I’m sure Aidan will be flattered.
9.  Walking under the walking bridge while another boy jumps on it will lead to a headache and a cry.
8.  The pole that you slide down on, its a “fishing pole” haha.
7.  Slides are made to climb up as well as slide down.
6.  Other kids moms are to be bombarded with all your questions just the same as I am.  Poor moms.
5.  You want so badly to have a friend to play with.
4.  In attempt to show off to all the ladies, you usually fall down.  You have your mom’s grace, that’s for sure.
3.  “My Peeyants are dirty.”
2.  “Take pictures of daddy, I’m playing.”
1.  I love you with all my heart <3