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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

Monthly Archives: October 2009

My Love | Fayetteville NC Children Photography

Two posts, back to back, of my love.  My new resolution is to take more time to spend with my little boy and enjoy this magical time of his life.  He’s full of wonder, hugs, kisses, attitude, energy, and sugar.  He keeps me busy, he keeps me smiling.  I never thought I could love anything so fully, until the moment he was born.  But then, I was proven wrong, because I love him more and more every day.  Just when I think I love him more than anything in the world, a new day will arrive, he will wake me up with hugs and a “I need to go potty,” ask 420 times if he’s going to Mama Joyce’s, dress himself with his underwear on backwards, kiss me goodbye.

Sorry to ramble on, without further ado, my beautiful son.

Fall is Here | Fayetteville Stedman North Carolina Photographer

Fall is my favorite time of  year.  I have a red maple in my yard that is glorious for about 4 weeks in the fall, before all the leaves fall off and it becomes drab.  Most of my scenic photos around my house center on my beautiful tree (which my granny insists is actually HER beautiful tree since she planted it) and my horse barn.  First it turns red, then it turns red/and orange.  Then all of that orange changes nearly overnight to a beautiful bright yellow.  I love watching it change every day.  Aidan is my subject today, and the poor baby hasn’t had his photo made in at least a week so it was long overdue.  He had a brand new haircut today (believe it or not!) and I tried to teach him how to throw leaves.  He was much more interested in running to me and jumping in my lap, begging me to let him take MY picture.  I have a future photographer on my hands!

So What Should I Wear? | Fayetteville Stedman NC Holiday Family Photography

So the Christmas season is rapidly approaching, and I will be doing 3 days of Christmas mini sessions.  More information on those will be available very shortly.  I get asked the question “What should we wear?” an aweful lot, so with the help of PixelLoco, here is an idea of what to wear for some Holiday pictures!

Halloween Mini Sessions, Day 2 | Stedman Fayetteville NC Photography

Day two was a hit!  I really enjoyed doing mini sessions this year!  I know we will have at least 3 days of Christmas mini sessions as well, stay tuned for more!

First up, the beautiful and serious Miss E

The oh so adorable future football star, Mr. J

And then the H family!

And sweet Holden…

Halloween Mini Sessions, Day 1 | Fayetteville NC Children Photographer

Day one of the Halloween Mini sessions (and my very first ‘mini sessions’ went well, although it threatened rain the whole time.  I had 4 ‘babies’, one of which was the non human variety, but that’s ok, come by in their adorable costumes!  I had a blast doing these, and they were a success!  I sold all of my slots available, and I hope that the Christmas Mini Sessions will be as successful.

Without further ado, here is Day 1, with the lively Miss M, the always adorable (are you sure I can’t have her?) Miss V, the little camera princess Ariel, I mean Miss K, and Baby B, who has a slight snore :)

Love and Fall are in the Air | Fayetteville NC Engagement Photographer

J and K are the sweetest, most beautiful couple!  They were easy to photograph, laid back, and obviously so in love.  I apologize for the fire ant land mine that I live in, and I hope that you enjoy your sneak peek!