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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

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Hello from California! | Fayetteville NC Children Newborn Baby Photographer

Last week I had the most amazing vacation in San Diego, California!  It was my first visit to the west coast, in fact the farthest west I had ever been was Nashville, TN.  That’s sad isn’t it?

Josh and I packed Aidan up and headed on a 9 hour plane ride to San Diego!  Found out on the day I left that my gorgeous Mackenzie had lung cancer (turns out though, it was fluid and hopefully he’s going to be ok) which put a damper on the trip.  But otherwise, everything was fabulous.  Saturday we spent the day at Sea World.  Sunday, we drove to La Jolla and Carlsbad, where I shopped it up, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean in the IMAX theater (and Aidan slept through the whole thing, and wet the seat so whoever sat there next, so sorry!).  Aidan and Josh went to the zoo on Monday, and we all went to Legoland California on Tuesday!

Mallory | Fayetteville NC Stedman NC Newborn Photographer

Little Mallory is so cute!  And Aidan had a blast playing with Rachel, and even pronounced his love toward her.

Aidan in Tampa Florida | Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Photographer

I spent a wonderful weekend visiting my baby brother in Florida!  Aidan got to ride on a plane for the first time that he remembers – He rode one when he was 18 months old but its a big difference now.  He was so excited!  When the plane left the ground, he just kept screaming (sorry to any other passengers on the plane!) “We’re in the sky!  We’re up in the ceiling!  The sky the sky the sky!”  And when we flew through clouds, he would say that we were going to get stuck in the cloud.  He absolutely loved it.  Then we got to see my nephews, Jackson and Eli, whom I haven’t seen in almost a year!  I must say, me and my brothers can make some handsome boys!  Both boys had the greatest hair ever.  Jackson has an accent, and sings Oh My Darlin, and needs to be on Broadway.  Eli makes a silly face that will put you in stitches.  Aidan loved them so much, and has already asked when we can go back.  I had to wake Aidan up on Sunday to come home and he was curled up in the bed with Jackson.  I wish they lived closer, Aidan would have so much fun with them!

Some of Aidan at the airport.  He rocked the True Religion jeans this weekend, I didn’t want to take them off of him!  They are SO stinkin’ cute!

Practicing his model posing…

The boys in their designer jeans.

Playing on the beach, I LOVE the beach at the gulf.  Aidan is still terrified of it, but its nice to not worry about waves knocking down the little ones.

He’s a Little Beach Bum | Fayetteville Topsail Stedman NC Beach Photography

Today I have a few more pictures taken at the beach. He always tells me to take pictures of Daddy instead, but where’s the fun in that?

And a few from last week that I forgot to blog..

Aidan at the Beach | Fayetteville Stedman Topsail Island NC Photographer

We spent mother’s day weekend at Topsail Island. It was a little cold for swimming, although we did get in the pool, but Aidan found a new love for playing in the sand. In the past, he has hated to get dirty, but he really liked it this time. We went on the Belle of Topsail on a dinner cruise, and Aidan got to see dolphins and be the center of attention, and even drive the boat!

The ten Aidan facts, beach style.
10. You backed up to the sign at the ticket center for the cruise boat, checked the height, and said “Yes I’m tall enough.” You can tell we’ve taken you to a carnival or two.
9. You snuck a pepsi from the fridge (you know you can’t have caffeine) and come up to me with the hiccups, pepsi breath, and a ring around your mouth. You say “That makes my feel better.”
8. You like to pretend you are Godzilla and smash all my hard made sandcastles.
7. You almost drown two times in the pool because you like to walk where its “too deeeeeep”
6. You wanted a ukulele SO bad, we bought it for you, and you broke it as soon as we walked out of the shop. Bam Bam.
5. You learned how to sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” in two tries.
4. Mollies makes good pancakes.
3. You got to drive the Belle of Topsail because you are too cute.
2. You grabbed everyone on the boat’s butts, but that was ok because you said “excuse me” while you did it.
1. You got to see dolphins for the first time!