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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

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Christmas Mini Sessions, part 4 | Fayetteville Photographer

And even more photos from the mini sessions!  I loved all of the families this year!

Christmas Minis, and a change for 2012 | Fayetteville NC Family Photographer

ou may notice some changes going on to the blog–I’m getting ready for the new year!  December each year I work on marketing and blog and website…so you’ll see a few changes every day (when my new princess lets me work, that is).

The Christmas Mini sessions were a hit!  I got to see old families and new families this year–and there is nothing I enjoy more than watching families grow!  So here is Part 1 of many parts showcasing my favorite images from the mini sessions!

Happy Valentines Day! | Fayetteville NC Newborn Children Photographer

Ah, I’ve waited SO long to blog this session.  I shared a peek for my 52 on Friday, but now, for the photos.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines!  I had a Valentines weekend, spent in Tampa.  We took my boy and my handsome nephews to Busch Gardens and had a blast.  Hubby sent me flowers for valentines anyway of course, the no gift rule doesn’t always apply to him.

Aidan is of course, a little ladies man.  I know I’m going to have my hands completely full when he gets to be a teenager, especially seeing how much he loves little girls now.  This is his “girl” Daisy.  I am sure glad he has chosen such a sweet beautiful little girl to marry.  I’ll have pretty grandchildren :)

My Little Boy | Fayetteville Stedman NC Children Photography

Wow, its been a while since I blogged on my boy.  This is such a super busy time of year, everyone is ready for family portraits and Christmas cards, so I don’t get as much time with the camera and the boy at the same time.  We’ve been working on getting the Christmas card photos lately though, so here are some favorites, along with a 10 Aidanisms List.

10.  Toy Story 3 is the greatest movie ever made.  Ever.  And the reason it is so cool is because it is 3, just like meee.  I have seen it at least 8,342,2340 times.  Aidan thinks it gets better with time.  Not exaggerating here–its been seen so much that it is WEARING out.  Its never left the DVD player, yet is filled with skips now.  WORN out.

9.  “That will be good.”  I smile everytime he says it.  He gives me his idea of how to do something or what to do, then follows with this.

8.  “Santa Claus is watching you, Daddy.”

7.  For some reason, the North Pole has a train.  Shhh, don’t tell him but we are taking him on a surprise trip to the Polar Express to ride the train and go to the north pole to see Santa.  Can you say EXCITED boy?  Oh man I can hardly wait!

6.  Aidan is obsessed with helping me wash clothes.  I use the term help loosely.  So far, here are the things that have gone through the washing machine:  Hand sanitizer, hand soap, lotion, clorox cleanup, tea, yoohoo, and my personal favorite, my vitamins.

5.  He squirted neosporin inside the old xbox in an attempt to “fix it”.

4.  Mismatched shoes are ok.  I especially love the too small neon blue croc with the red bedroom slipper.

3.  Now is the time of year to wear his wife beater shirts under his clothes…and this is “so no one will see my boobies.”

2.  Favorite Mis-pronounced words:  Alligator (elevator), Banoa Gar (Granola Bar), Chomper (Stapler), Tweezers (chopsticks), HobbyWobby (you know that Elmer Fudd thing I love), Mixer (dispenser), and my personal favorite-”that envelope that you poop on.”  This would be a whoopie cushion.

1.  The public just loves this.  In a public restroom, while he sits on the potty, he feels the need to say “Mommy, I wuuuub you.”  I don’t know why he pronouces his love while he does his business, but I always hear chuckles and awe’s from adjoining stalls as my little one announces his affection.

And I wub him right back.

Christmas Mini Sessions, Final Day | Fayetteville Stedman NC Family Holiday Mini Sessions

I want to thank all of the families that came out for mini sessions this Christmas season!  I did them a lot earlier this year and I am so glad, this way I won’t be stressing during the month of December.  Most of the cards are in and ready for pick up (or have already been picked up) so I am ahead of the game this year!

I will be doing more family mini sessions next year in the beginning of May, just in time for Mother’s day!

Avery | Fayetteville Stedman NC Family Photographer

Sweet Avery is so shy!  It took a little while for her to warm up to me, and even then I had to hide behind the camera, but look at the sweet smile we were able to get!