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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the blog!  Check here regularly for updates, previews and sneak peeks, and more!

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Merry Christmas! | Fayetteville NC Newborn Children Photographer

Aidan, Ella, and I would love to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  I have fallen off the blogging wagon the last few months with the busy season.

Ella in August | Fayetteville NC Baby Photographer

August was a rough month for me–I had a surgery that kept me out of work for the whole month, but that didn’t stop me from photographing my princess as often as I could.  She has changed so much this month, and really come out of her shell.

My beautiful boy

Ella in June and July | Fayetteville Stedman Fort Bragg NC Baby Photographer

I can’t believe that my little princess has grown from an infant to a toddler right before my eyes.  She’s temperamental, spoiled rotten, and gorgeous.  I love her more and more.

Prepare to be bombarded with photos…

Edible cheeks.

Practicing her princess wave

I think my favorite photo to date.  You can see her two new teeth!

Look I have another kid!  Aidan isn’t letting me photograph him much lately.

My Top Favorites of Aidan | Fayetteville NC Children Photographer

2011 was one of the best years of my life.  My schedule has stayed very full of wonderful families, my son started school and is doing an outstanding job, my baby girl was born and is gorgeous and healthy, and life couldn’t be better.  I have narrowed my favorite photos of 2011–it originally started as a “Top 11 of 2011″ but most (all) categories ended up with more.  I tried to keep it as close to 11 as possible.

First up, my Top 13 favorites of Aidan this year!  My little boy has grown up so much this year.  He’s incredibly smart, charismatic, kind, and the best big brother anyone could ask for.  He’s yet to show even a hint of jealousy about having a baby sister.  He can put together advanced lego sets completely alone (even those that are for ages 7 and up).  He loves Rollercoaster Tycoon computer game and rarely gives me computer time myself.  He uses big words, correctly.  He says “Hmm, that’s ‘intresting’ ” and makes me giggle.  He thinks I feed Ella parmesan cheese in a bowl because he can’t understand why her ‘cereal’ doesn’t look like his cereal.  If a food is hot, it “bout electrocuted me”.  He makes me laugh, and he makes me want to be a better person.  I love this boy more every day.  He is the reason I wanted to become a photographer–to document his life in photos.  People joke with me that I must take a photo of day of him and I don’t–but I do make sure that I have plenty of him.  He’s my favorite model, and I think he’s pretty darn cute myself.

1.  Catching Snowflakes=

2.  Can you tell I love the snow?

3.  We told him he’s going to be a big brother.  He’s very proud of this role.

4.  He turned 4 years old.

5.  He got his first car

6.  We visited the Happiest Place on Earth

7.  Just because he’s a ladies man

8.  We went to San Diego and he got to see a real sunset on the beach

9.  He was a pirate for Halloween

10.  He’s beautiful

11.  He’s funny

12.  Just because he’s beautiful

13.  I love him.

My Boy’s Growing Up | Fayetteville NC Children Photographer

Wow my poor blog has been neglected my entire pregnancy–but I know the problem, I’m overworking myself.  But as a kickoff to update more often, and blog some of my unblogged sessions, I will start with a personal post–my boy started school.  Its hard to believe that just 4 years ago, I was holding my tiny one pound boy in my hands imagining the young man he would become.

Then today, I woke him up, brushed his teeth and hair.  We dressed in his brand new school uniform (which is a little big on him, little guy is so small it was really hard to find uniforms in his size) and grabbed his brand new book bag and lunch box that he picked out himself.  He didn’t even mind it was something different for him, but I lost it.  I cried like a baby as I said “Have a good first day at school,” and he just zoomed off to find a friend to eat breakfast with.  I wiped tears away my entire ride to work, just thinking about how its going to be a long 14 years for him, getting up and getting ready for school every day.  I feel like he grew up right before my eyes.

Hello from California! | Fayetteville NC Children Newborn Baby Photographer

Last week I had the most amazing vacation in San Diego, California!  It was my first visit to the west coast, in fact the farthest west I had ever been was Nashville, TN.  That’s sad isn’t it?

Josh and I packed Aidan up and headed on a 9 hour plane ride to San Diego!  Found out on the day I left that my gorgeous Mackenzie had lung cancer (turns out though, it was fluid and hopefully he’s going to be ok) which put a damper on the trip.  But otherwise, everything was fabulous.  Saturday we spent the day at Sea World.  Sunday, we drove to La Jolla and Carlsbad, where I shopped it up, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean in the IMAX theater (and Aidan slept through the whole thing, and wet the seat so whoever sat there next, so sorry!).  Aidan and Josh went to the zoo on Monday, and we all went to Legoland California on Tuesday!